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Naftali Status is the heartbeat of the Jewish community on WhatsApp. From picture and videos of the latest happenings around the world to hilarious memes. From business news to the very hottest deals, Naftali Status covers it all. All kosher. All the time. All without blowing up your phone. 

Follow Naftali Status and you’ll be one step ahead. You’ll be the one that saw it first. You’ll be in on every conversation.

Advertise on Naftali Status and you can be confident you’ve been seen by the Jewish community. No social media platform has more participation of the Jewish community than WhatsApp. Promote your business on the WhatsApp status that has it all. Advertise on the status that has thousands of views on every post. Advertise with Naftali Status. 

Be where it’s happening. WhatsApp ‪(773) 858‑0582 to join!

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